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Horse riding is a vast universe. Making horse racing has become the passion of many people. Young or old, there is no age to ride. This site is a meeting platform that allows riders from around the world to share their experiences. You are on the page of endless and exciting discussions about our friends the horses. Share your passion with us!

Horseback riding, passion for young and old

Small or large, one does not choose the age to love horses. Browse our site to do your first gallop. This site is a forum of exchange between horse enthusiasts. There is no age limit to register. Here are presented many discussion topics and you can also propose your own topics. You can find advice on the techniques of racing, the performance of different horse breeds or where to find equipment and accessories to good quality horses. Beginners in riding will have many advantages to visit this page since theoretical initiations are presented there. If you have problems with our pet, we suggest you the solution on our site.

Reunion between enthusiasts and professionals

If you are interested in horse racing and the result of the major championships, this site is for you. Here we present you with video summaries of the matches. You can view them directly online. If you missed historic events like the Olympics, do not be disappointed, we offer you all of these competitions on our page. You will also find testimonials from the great athletes as well as their exciting stories. Indeed, our team conducts interviews with these stars of the riding. You have the freedom to comment and post your opinion on the innumerable topics on this page. Finally, you can share and exchange experiences with thousands of people from all over the world and have the same passion as you. You will finally be comfortable in a world you know and love by chatting on our forum.