Why change your saddle ?

The reasons that can urge you to change your saddle are plentiful. Indeed, the fact of embarking on the acquisition of a new saddle for his horse can be the consequence of various reasons. Some for reasons related to saddle wear, others for even more wacky reasons.

The reasons for changing riding saddles

A saddle too small, a saddle poorly adapted to the morphology of his horse, being unable to resist a new product… these are some of the reasons why you can change a saddle. You will find stools for all tastes on https://equitack.com.

A saddle became too small

If the saddle was bought years ago and the horse or rider has grown in the meantime, we may have to change it. Indeed, a good saddle must be adapted to the size of the horse and the rider in order to practice your activity in the best conditions.

The age of the saddle

After several hours of practice, your seat can wear out. In this case, you have to change your seat. You will find your account among the new or used stools that swarm on the web. In all cases, always be sure to choose a tool adapted to the morphology of your horse as well as yours.

You change equestrian discipline

Normally, there is a type of saddle for each equestrian discipline. You want to move from training to jumping, choose a saddle adapted to this type of sport, a quality accessory that allows you to practice this sport in comfort and safety. Nevertheless, there are so-called multipurpose saddles that can be used for the practice of several types of equestrian disciplines.

How to choose a good saddle for his horse?

The best saddle is the one that adapts perfectly to the morphology of the horse as well as that of the rider. Although most mounts can receive stools of 17’5, it is imperative to try the saddle directly on the horse before buying it. If you are afraid, get help from an expert who will advise on the type of saddle to choose for your horse.

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