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Defining the budget is one of the criteria for choosing a saddle. For the market price, we have an estimate of between 800 to 3,000 dollars for good quality stool. This big difference in price depends on the brand chooses and the product range. We will fly over the stores in a discount mode.

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They are done by people from the so-called "Third World" countries, who have never seen a horse in their life and have no idea how the rider works, all with the same materials, a quality more than mediocre. You have to put aside your old prejudices based on the use of synthetic saddles 20 years ago. The materials have changed, they have been reflected, tested, reworked: the effect "hot-ass" is not really relevant anymore! Whether the saddle is synthetic leather or suede, comfort is no longer the same. We must compare what is the best one that own us. There are leather saddles of good quality that you have just to Click here and het the best advice to purchase or almost, and of course without adaptation.

The saddles in low price

You just have to check that the characteristics of your horse match those of the proposed saddle. It is above all the continuous search for perfection and his great experience of the equine that has led the price of the saddles. They are of course of the same quality as the other saddles of our manufacture and therefore with the same guarantees. They also offer tailor-made work from your own plaster cast that you provide. It must be imperatively 55 x 80cm minimum. A lot of little details, from the quality of the materials is important and had an impact on the price.

There are some brands that can be purchased like that, by going to specialized stores, for budgets between 1,000 and 2,500 dollars approximately. Anytime, you have to ask for a try after choosing the better for you.

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