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Finding a new saddle is very complicated because there are many different and varied models and also because it is imperative that the saddle you have chosen is perfectly suited to your mount as well as to you. First of all, to properly choose your saddle, you must orient yourself on a saddle model that reflects the discipline you practice. If you practice a little of everything, it is advised to choose a mixed and not specialized saddle, to precisely allow you to practice a little all the French disciplines without being embarrassing or without embarrassing your horse. Conversely, if you really only practice jumping or dressage, it is more advisable to opt for a dressage or jump model saddle. Then after finding the model of your saddle, you must now find the size that will match your animal. It is indeed necessary that the saddle does not touch the spine of the horse after having derailed, but it is also necessary that the quarters of the saddle are wide enough and do not sink into the ribs of your horse. Ideally, a saddler saddler should come to your home so that he can tell you what size will fit your horse. But after finding the ideal saddle for your equine, it must also be adapted and stable for you. Indeed you must be comfortable in this saddle, with good stability of your legs so that they do not move constantly. And it is also important to have a saddle that you like aesthetically. Indeed, there are a lot of models of saddles as well as different brands which each have their strengths. Then you can buy a used saddles on a website that offers a lot of high-end saddle models for all tastes.

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